About Inlet Beach

Inlet Beach Sand



Inlet Beach is one of the oldest beaches along the world famous 30-A stretch of sun-soaked beauty. A 1931 Florida Geological Survey makes reference to Inlet, and there are other references dating back into the 1920s. In an attempt to encourage settlement here at Inlet Beach, the government created a land lottery for soldiers returning home from WWII. They had five years to build on their property or the land had to be given back. 

Once known as “Soldiers Beach," the dunes often soar to massive heights here, and the extra long neighborhood walkovers allow for some pretty spectacular photography.

The dunes also make Inlet Beach a desirable location for logger head sea turtles to build their nests. In 2015, there were 94 logger head nests in Walton County, with the majority of those being at Inlet Beach. 

On the beach, take a stroll toward the old pier at Camp Helen State Park and dip your toes in the warm waters of Lake Powell, the largest coastal dune lake in all of Florida. If you’re really lucky, you might happen to arrive on a day when the lake has burst out into the Gulf of Mexico — mixing water the color of iced tea with the bright blue hues of the Gulf. Grab a paddle board or kayak and enjoy all of Lake Powell’s beauty, first hand.

If you’re not that lucky, well… hey, if you’re here in Inlet Beach, you’re still pretty darn lucky.